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Blanck's Special One Piece (6-8 oz) 15.99
Two Piece (14-16 oz) 23.99
Four Piece (22-24 oz) 31.99
Tenderloin Small (8 oz) 18.99
Large (16 oz) 27.99
Prime Rib Princess (10-12oz) 17.99
Queen (14-16oz) 23.99
King (22-24oz) 29.99
Ribeye Petite (10-12oz) 15.99
Regular (15oz) 21.99
T-Bone (18-20oz)24.99
Porterhouse (26-28oz)30.99
Sirloin for Two (2 1/2 pounds)35.99
Ground Sirloin (16oz)11.99
Fish Fry (Served Daily)
Includes Coleslaw and Potato
Deep Fried Haddock
Petite 9.99
Regular 12.99
Large 15.99
Variety Plate
(Perch, Pike and Haddock)
Regular 13.99
Large 17.49
Kevie's Catch
(Perch, Pike and Bluegill)
Regular 13.99
Large 17.49
Perch or Pike Petite 10.49
Regular 12.99
Large 16.99
Bluegill Regular 12.99
Large 16.49
Steak and Bluegill, Perch, Pike or Haddock
Add $2.00 for Blanck's Special
Fish and Seafood
Cold Shrimp17.99
Frog Legs19.99
Try having your scallops or shrimp sauteed in olive oil, wine and garlic for 1.50 more
Lobster (7-8oz tails) One Tail 31.99
Two Tails 52.99
Seafood Platter
Includes scallops, broiled haddock,
battered shrimp, cold shrimp & french-fried lobster
French-fried Lobster 22.99
Petite Portion 17.99
Baked Salmon
6 oz Atlantic salmon fillet seasoned and then baked. Served with a side of dill sauce.
1 filet 13.49
2 filets 17.99
Mock Crab Meat Small (8oz) 10.99
Large (16oz) 13.99
Poorman's Lobster
(Broiled Haddock)
Regular (12oz) 14.99
Try it Cajun for 1.50 more
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