How It All Began

On October 1, 1952, Bob and Hazel Blanck bought a tavern. The building itself housed their living quarters, their tavern and the town barber shop.

The barber shop was located where the coat racks are in the front bar, just before the main bathrooms now. Eventually the barber retired. Not long after, Bob and Hazel decided to knock out the wall and expand the bar. They bought a combination roaster/broaster so they could grill steaks and broast chicken. The business flourished, with much of it being weddings and funeral dinners since the church had no basement in which to serve food. Eventually they bought more equipment and expanded their menu with a fish fry. They changed the name from Bob and Hazel's Tavern to Blanck's Supper Club. Business was going great.

Then there was a fire.

On May 10, 1962, the Supper Club Burned. A fire started in either the basement or attic, they never could tell. It spread through the walls first. When it reached the dining room it got out of control. There was a Postmaster's Dinner at the supper club that night. As quickly as possible the diners ran out to safety, but not before they grabbed their plates. They ate their meals outside while the front dining room, the living quarters above and part of the bar burned.

It took less than 2 months to rebuild. The bar and front dining room were redone and a new living quarters was added to the Northeast side of the building. Blanck's reopened on July 6. Bob and Hazel continued to serve the community with their vast menu of steaks, seafood, chicken and fish. They added the back dining room in 1972 and in 1981 sold the business to their son Kevin.

It was then that the living quarters was transformed. It became what is now the banquet room with the back bar. For 24 years Kevin and his wife, Kay, ran the business. Then they decided it was time for the third generation to step in. So, on July 1, 2005, they sold the business to Kevin's children; Mike and Vicki.

The Blanck's have always believed in providing an honest meal at an affordable price. Whether it be an employee or another customer, Blanck's Supper Club is a place...

"Where Friends Meet Friends"